My first released map for Unreal Tournament.

Very plain looking these days but, after playing it for the first time in over 10 years, it's still fun.


I wanted to make a very fast CTF map with a twist.

This one's still played on Insta servers to this day.

Take The Eye and add a huge, weird centre section and you get The Eye ][.

Used a special script to enable the use of 2 seperate skyboxes.

My first CTF map ever.

I had the idea of having the players take a train to get to the opposing team's base and came up with this.

My first Jailbreak map. Takes textures from Serious sam and features static meshes (something that was not really featured in this version on the Unreal engine)

A small, hectic map. There's a giant swinging 'Crusher' in the centre for the players to try to avoid.

Inspired by 1950's Sci Fi.

A sniper haven.

Features random lightning strikes that can kill players on the spot.

I like curves so tried to make a very curvy map.

Basically the same as The Eye ][ but converted to Jailbreak.

Big update from the original CTF map.

Almost completely revised and reworked for Jailbreak


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