A Deathball map played on the hull of the Starship Enterprise.

Looked great, played like crap. Unreleased :)


A Deathball map played on a pool table in a bar.

Came included with the Deathball mod.

A modification to Hourences classic map for the CORE clan

Lava added for extra fun in Freon matches.

A map that takes place on a pinball table.

Noisy, stupid.......

An update of the UT Jailbreak map.

A very stupid Jailbreak map.

The Tigger song starts and everyone bounces!

A map in some kind of cargo warehouse.

Watch out for fart death!

A remake of the UT map with extra eye candy.

Crusher2 on steriods!

Bringing back those childhood memories.

The arena on this one features flyable Vipers.

Another update from UT.

Still learning 3d Max on this one. Lots of custom content.

Not sure what to say on this one.

It's odd.

Based inside a volcano.

Don't get burned!


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